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The Bourne Aviation Disclaimer page contains information regarding our status with regard to real world airlines and operations, clearly defining our status as a Virtual Airline only.

Bourne Aviation is a group of Virtual Airlines.

We are not a real world airline, nor are we affiliated or endorsed by any airline. We do not represent any airline officially. We do not hire individuals for any sort of real world employment. We exist in whole to be a community of hobbyists who enjoy the hobby of Flight Simulation using Microsoft Flight Simulator. Any similarities, intentionally or accidentally, with real people, places, airlines, aircraft, aircraft manufacturers, airports, or other aviation related topics under copyright protection are used without permission, without intent to infringe upon copyrights. All trademark logos of airlines used on this website are the property of the respective owners.

Furthermore, all flight informational material, charts, airport diagrams, flight schedules, etc., are for the sole purpose of simulation only and should not be used in real world aviation.

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The Bourne Aviation website is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. If you have any problems with the Bourne Aviation website, please don't hesitate to contact the webmaster.

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