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Bourne Aviation - FAQ

General Information

Q. What is Bourne Aviation?
A. Bourne Aviation is a non commercial group of virtual airlines dedicated to FS Community. Besides that, we also provide a lot of other services for FS Community.

Q. What is Microsoft Flight Simulator (MFS/FS)?
A. Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game played by Aviation enthusiasts on the PC. It is also referred to as FS/MFS.

Q. What is a Virtual Airline?
A. A virtual airline (VA) is a dedicated hobby organization that uses flight simulation to model the operations of an airline. Virtual Airlines generally have a presence on the Internet, similar to a real airline. Virtual Airlines may be organizations that are created with no ties to any real world entity. These organizations are fictional constructs of the participants, who use the role playing environment of the group to add a sense of immersion to the gaming activity. It has been suggested that these are the most common form of Virtual Airline type. Without basis on a real world entity, fictional Virtual Airlines are varied in their scope of both route and aircraft fleet. Some Virtual Airlines are based on real airlines, from major carriers to small operators. (Source: Wikipedia)

Q. Why join a Virtual Airline?
A. There comes a time when you get bored flying alone but when you fly with a virtual airline, you flying hours are acknowledged and you get to compete with other pilots in terms of ranks and virtual payment. You can even join the many activities and contests conducted by the virtual airline.

Q. Is this service free of cost?
A. 100%

Q. Why are we doing this for free?
A. Even in the past, loyal simmers have always served the flight sim community free of cost by distributing freeware add ons and offering other services related to the game. We being lovers of Microsoft Flight Simulator and Virtual Aviators would love to offer this service without any profit.

Q. How is Bourne Aviation unique?
A. Unlike most Virtual Airlines, Bourne Aviation does not restrict its pilot to a single airline or two but it offers an ever growing variety of Virtual Airlines, Aircraft, Destinations, etc.

Q. On what basis does Bourne Aviation add new virtual airlines?
A. We do have a set of conditions on the basis of which we start virtual airlines for any airline. The conditions are as follows -
1. The airline should permit virtual counterparts (Preferred)
2. Some one should be interested in being the manager of that Virtual Airline
3. That airline should be demanded by a good number of virtual pilots
4. Important add ons like aircraft models, repaints should be available
5. Schedules, list of destinations and route maps should be available
6. It should offer a unique variety of destinations and aircraft

Q. Why do we not have code shares with other virtual airlines?
A. This is due to many reasons. Some of them being the difference in rules and regulations, features, standard and quality, methods and practices and most of all the website databases.


Getting Started

Q. Do I need to join every Virtual Airline separately?
A. No. All you need is a single account with Bourne Aviation which will let you fly for all the virtual airlines which are part of Bourne Aviation alliance.

Q. How do I get started?
A. Go to the Careers page from the homepage and follow the instructions. Read all the documents sent to you.

Q. How long will it take for my application to be accepted?
A. Generally, it takes about a day.

Q. When can I start flying?
A. As soon as your application is accepted and you are done reading the documents sent to you.

Q. How do I fly?
A. You need to operate the flights virtually in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Q. Can my hours be transferred from another VA?
A. No. We do not accept any hours from foreign Virtual Airlines. Every pilot at Bourne Aviation starts from scratch. However, you can get some initial bonus hours for the experience.

Q. Why don't you have hubs assigned to each pilot?
A. It wont be easy to assign hubs to our virtual pilots as we are not a single VA. We still have something very similar to it. Instead of hubs, our pilots are categorized by Airlines but that wont restrict them to that particular VA.


Downloading Files

Q. What is the hangar section?
A. It is a downloads center from where you can download aircraft, repaints, etc for your flight simulator.

Q. I’m having trouble installing an aircraft/panel/sound package. What do I do?
A. Post the problem on the Bourne Aviation Boards and someone will help you out.

Q. My aircraft won’t work in FSX. Why not?
A. Not every model provided in the hangar is compatible with FSX.

Q. Is it necessary that I use the aircraft offered at Bourne Aviation hangar?
A. No. We only have freeware stuff but if you have something which is better than that and satisfies you more, you can go ahead and use it.

Q. Why am I taken to AVSIM or FlightSim and how do I download the aircraft?
A. AVSIM and FlightSim are the biggest databases of FS add ons. Most of our aircraft are hence provided through those websites. You need to register yourself at those websites in order to download aircraft.


Flight Operations

Q. Where do I find flights to fly?
A. You can find flight schedules on the respective airline websites. Besides, you can even use the following websites to find flights.

Flight Stats

Q. What code share flights can I fly?
A. Any flight which has a code share with any of our virtual airlines can be flown and filed at Bourne Aviation.

Q. My last flight was to Amsterdam (EHAM). Do I have to start from there the next time I fly?
A. No. Feel free to start from anywhere.

Q. Some flights have multiple legs. Do I have to fly all of them?
A. No. You can fly any leg you wish.

Q. Do I have to fly a flight exactly on the scheduled date and time in real life?
A. No. You can simulate the date and time in FS and fly it whenever you like.

Q. Is flying online compulsory?
A. Not at all. It is highly recommended but not compulsory.

Q. Do you allow aircraft substitutions?
A. We do allow aircraft substitutions to a small extend. We only allow the substitutions of variants. Example -

You can fly an A330-300 in place of A330-200.
You can not fly an A330 in place of B777

Q. What should my callsign be?
A. Your callsign should be the airline’s callsign followed by the flight number.

Q. Can I accelerate the simulation rate?
A. Though it is least preferred, you are still allowed to accelerate the simulation rate at 4X.

Q. Can I fly a direct route?
A. No. You need to have way points in your flight plan.

Q. Is there a maximum number of flights / hours I can fly?
A. No. Feel free to fly as much as you wish.


PIREP - Flight Reports

Q. What is a PIREP?
A. A PIREP is a Pilot Report. It is something the pilots file after completing the flight.

Q. How do I file a PIREP?
A. You have to do it manually through the PIREP form found under the operations page. You can even mail the details at

Q. I accidentally made a mistake on a PIREP I just filed. What should I do?
A. Please immediately send a mail at notifying us of the error.

Q. What is the proof of my flight?
A. We don’t need any proof. We trust our pilots.

Q. My flight stops at a third destination between 2 airports? Do I have to file 2 reports.
A. Yes. A report for each leg is required.

Q. I had to land at some airport due an emergency. Can I file the report.
A. No. We only accept scheduled flights.

Q. Do you accept FS-Passengers script?
A. Right now, we don't have that feature but we plan to design a system which will accept scripts from FS-Passengers.

Q. Is it ok to round my flight times?
A. Not at all. You are not allowed to round up the figure.

Q. Where can I find more details about PIREP filing?
A. Please go through the PIREP Manual. You will find it here.



Q. I might not be able to be active for the next few months. What should I do?
A. Please file for inactivity by mailing Salman Khan. If you haven’t flown a flight for us, you can’t file for inactivity.

Q. When will I get my pilot number?
A. You will be assigned one as soon as your application is approved.

Q. Can I request a pilot number?
A. You sure can. Just add the line in the application.

Q. I can't see myself on the pilot roster. Why?

A. 1. Perhaps your application has not yet been approved.
2. You got terminated for not filing the first flight within one week of acceptance.
3. You got terminated for inactivity over 2 months.


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