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Date Posted: 2011-04-30
Posted by: Salman Khan
ON the eve of the 3rd Anniversary of Bourne Aviation, the board has announced the internal development of "BRN 2.0".

The renovation will bring more opportunities and variety of options for the virtual pilots to operate. For updates over time about the progress of development, visit

The progression started back in March, 2011, with a rising demand from the Bourne Pilots to add new virtual airlines. The management had then made a decision to take a big step forward. The new website and system had been in the planning phase for a long time and now the management has finalized the future course of action. The project has found a name - "BRN 2.0"

The following has been announced as part of the BRN 2.0

1. A user centered website designed on the themes of web 2.0 using CSS, Ajax and JavaScript technologies
2. New PIREP & Pilot Roster application developed using PHP & MySQL
3. Support for online flights operated on IVAO and VATSIM
4. Integration with ACARS Systems and FSPassengers
5. Unique Awards & Ranking system based on experience points
6. Flight booking and Flight Assignment Systems
7. An updated Hangar - Downloads & Reviews Section
8. Bourne Flight Center - A flight school full of tutorials and informative guides
9. Missions and Tours to create a more challenging and fulfilling environment
10. A new forum as a medium for pilots to interact
11. E-Magazine and many other In-Flight Entertainment features
12. Flight Records section for recording real world flights flown by pilots or experience of passengers

Bumper - Five Distinct Divisions
A. Airliner Division - For all airliner operations
B. General Aviation Division - For all GA operations
C. Cargo Division - For all freighter operations
D. Classics Division - For historic operations
E. Air Force Division - For military operations

The project aims at improving the brand by providing a world of choices to our pilots.


The management has pledged to launch the features one after the other starting in July, 2011. The coding and designing has already picked pace and is being worked on vigorously by the I.T. department. The management is being supported by many individuals at the moment, notably Dirk Weimer, who has taken charge of the Classics Division completely.

Bourne Aviation also extends an invitation to all FS Community members to share ideas and contribute in the project which is aimed at serving the community of aviation enthusiasts.

Also, on the occasion of the 3rd Anniversary of Bourne Aviation, the CEO, Salman Khan, took time to congratulate the management and all pilots of Bourne Aviation for their contribution and dedication to the organization. He was quoted as saying "I am thankful to all those managers who have upheld Bourne Aviation through the years and also our pilots who have loyally flown for us and taken Bourne Aviation to new heights with every single mile they have logged. Thank you all for your membership and I promise my complete dedication to providing you the best service I can."

On this day of celebration, Bourne Aviation has reached another milestone of 8000 PiReps and 32,000 hours of flight.


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